A successful reintroduction of Rynbende

Back with the Vintage Genever

Burgemeester Schiedam met oprichters Rynbende 2022

On the weekend of 25 and 26 March 2023, we took part in the Jenever Festival in Schiedam. An annual event organised by the Nationaal Jenevermuseum.

Nationaal Jenevermuseum

The Granary of the Nationaal Jenevermuseum Schiedam hosted the presentation of ‘The Mayor of Exploration’. With this old genever, we are back on the spirits market with Rynbende after almost 40 years of absence. We presented Mayor Cor Lamers (CDA) with the first bottle. He spoke some touching words about Rynbende and and its importance for Schiedam. Also present at the launch of our brand and first genever were delegates from the Jenevergilde
‘Het Vergulde Glaasje’, the Friends of the Jenever Museum
and The Worshipful Company of Distillers from London, among others.

Jeneverfestival 2023

The festival was held in the Havenkerk, located next to the Jenevermuseum. In this historic church, several contemporary distillers presented their artisanal and origeneveral genever, rum, whisky and liqueurs. There were tastings, workshops, snacks, areas to chill and a silent disco. All products could be purchased on the spot through the museum’s liquor store.

Rynbende had a small stand at the genever festival. We were interviewed there by press and bloggers and had great conversations with visitors to the festival. We noticed that visitors were intrigued by the story and the history of Rynbende, its importance for Schiedam and the link between company manager Job Kramer Freher (who worked at Rynbende between 1911-1963) and current co-owner Sjaak Pappe (his grandson). They were fascinated by Sjaak’s re-founding of Rynbende as a tribute to his grandfather. Naturally, we proudly let everyone taste our Vintage Genever. The atmosphere was convivial – several fellow distillers referred visitors to us, saying “you really must taste this Rynbende”.

It was a great two days. And to top it all, we were named ‘product champion’ of the festival, i.e. for achieving the most sales of one product!

j&j tv Schiedam filmed a short impression of the festival.

The Mayor of Exploration

Our Mayor of Exploration is based on an old recipe from Job Kramer Freher’s recipe book. The vintage genever is an ode to the glory days of the distillery and the signature flavour that set the brand apart from its competition at the time. Want to know more? click here

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