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2023 Jaaroverzicht Gegevens

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Dutch Courage bar


At Rynbende we would like to create an inspiring community by organizing events where topics such as art, music, travel and innovation are discussed while enjoying culinary dishes and drinks. This year we attended no fewer than 13 events, where we had the opportunity to collaborate with many talented people. From Poetry and art to cocktails and foodpairings. Many events and themes have been covered this year.

Jeneverfestival - Launch

March 25 – official reintroduction of the Rynbende brand. Presentation of the Vintage Genever: The Mayor of Exploration. Presented to the mayor of Schiedam and samples were given to visitors of the festival.

At the end of the festival it turned out that we were the product champion of the festival! This means that our Jenever was the most purchased product among visitors!

Team van de peacock bar tjidens blijmoedige on tour

Blijmoedig on Tour

One of the event series we started is “Blijmoedig on Tour”. We do this in collaboration with the Netherlands’ most influential bartender, Timo Janse. He is co-owner of, among others, the ‘Dutch Courage Cocktail Bar’, which has been the most celebrated cocktail bar in Amsterdam for years. “Blijmoedig on Tour” consists of bartenders who “take over” each other’s bar and create unique cocktails based on Rynbende that are served to visitors one evening. Rynbende worked with artists and we continue that tradition. During the first evenings, Simon Mulder performed, reading stories and poems in which jenever was central.

Blijmoedige - The Stockroom

June 25 – team Dutch courage in The Stockroom

July 5 – team The Stockroom in Dutch Courage

Both events featured a wonderful lecture by Simon Mulder.

Blijmoedig on Tour bij The Stockroom

Gin Night Out

July 8 – Everything about Gin event “Gin Night Out” in Enschede. Rynbende provided the tasting here. The Instagram link is behind an 18+ verification, press “visit Instagram” to verify.

Perfect Serve Barshow

September 5 & 6 – Rynbende at perfect serve bar show. Read more from our bartender on that day here.

Blijmoedige - The Peacock

September 7 – team Dutch courage in The Peacock

October 5 – team The Peacock in Dutch Courage

Both events featured a wonderful lecture by Simon Mulder.

The Hague Cocktail Week​

September 29 – October 8 – Rynbende cocktails were for sale at several places: The Gyros Club, The Hague Marriot and Minglemush food hall.

After the event it was The Hague Bartender of the year 2023 competition. Here Kelly le Roux created a Rynbende cocktail called “The Dutch Sailor”, making her one of the finalists!


Rynbende La Mian cocktail
Kelly le Roux met haar cocktail

Blijmoedige - Bar Break

November 20 – team Bar Break in Dutch Courage

November 30 – team Dutch Courage in Bar Break

Both events had good music provided by Sounds Perfect.

Louis Couperus Triologie

November 30 – As part of Feest der Poëzie Rynbende was a sponsor of the Louis Couperus trilogy. During the trilogy of events surrounding the relaunch of Couperus’ book “Extaze”, visitors were able to meet Rynbende. Our vintage Genever was served neat and mixed in a special Couperus cocktail, called the ecstasy cocktail. An extra special reason for us to participate was that the muse of the illustrator of the book Claartje Rijnbende — family of the distillers.

Feest der poezie voorstelling louis couperus

GINius Winter Wonderland​

December 14 –  Rynbende at a Gin event. A video made by Rynbende of the event can be seen on Rynbende’s Instagram.



In collaboration with several well-known bars & cocktail makers, 31 Rynbende cocktails were developed this year. In addition to pure consumption, Rynbende is also delicious in cocktails. This is partly due to the botanicals used, such as cloves and cinnamon. The smoky flavor also combines well with other flavors. Below is an overview of all cocktails and associated recipes that were developed this year in collaboration with well-known bars and bartenders.

Dutch Courage bar


Developed by Timo Janse for Blijmoedig on Tour. Asian flavors in combination with the old jenever from Rynbende. See the recipe.

Holland House

A Blijmoedig on Tour – twist on the most classic jenever cocktail, the Holland House cocktail named after the Holland House Hotel in New York. Click here for the recipe.

Genever Vice

A summer cocktail for a sunny day. Tropical flavors with a Schiedam edge. A nice combination of flavors. Created for Blijmoedig on Tour. Click here for the recipe.

Who Dares Wins

Dutch Courage Cocktailbar in Amsterdam developed this cocktail with our Vintage Genever in collaboration with cocktail bar The Stockroom in Groningen. Click here for the recipe.

The Sour Captain

One of the true classic cocktails is a Whiskey Sour. A Sour cocktail is about the combination of sour (lemon juice) and sweet (sugar syrup). By replacing the whiskey with our Vintage Genever you make this classic even more surprising. Click here for the recipe.

The Old Mayor

The Old Mayor is a stylish cocktail, based on an Old Fashioned. This cocktail combines simplicity with tradition, bringing out the character of The Mayor of Exploration. Click here for the recipe.

Stormy At Sea

Inspired by the Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail, this cocktail is made with Rynbende’s Vintage Genever instead of rum. Stormy at Sea is a spicy cocktail that is easy to drink. A nice combination of the complexity of Rynbende and the sharpness of ginger beer. Click here for the recipe.

Opa's New Shoes

Alec Gordon’s developed cocktail for the perfect serve bar show 2023. Click here for the recipe.

Dutch Coupe - Claudine Drinks

Developed cocktail by Claudine Drinks. The Instagram link is behind an 18+ verification, press “visit Instagram” to verify.

Vintage Genever Sour - Claudine Drinks

Developed cocktail by Claudine Drinks.

“I discovered several great spirits this year and high on that list is @rynbendespirits Vintage Genever. Spicy, sweet and a little smoky note. I love drinking this one near, but it also makes some killer cocktails. Like this sour with a hint of Speculoos and chocolate. A perfect little treat for the season.”

The Instagram link is behind an 18+ verification, press “visit Instagram” to verify.

Mamie Simon - Ongewoon Lekker

Cocktail developed by Ongewoon Lekker. The Instagram link is behind an 18+ verification, press “visit Instagram” to verify.

Kerst Cocktail - Ongewoon Lekker

Developed Christmas cocktail by Ongewoon Lekker. The Instagram link is behind an 18+ verification, press “visit Instagram” to verify.

Dutch Mule - Borrels en Bites

Developed cocktail by Borrels en Bites

Dutch Tea - Borrels en Bites

Developed cocktail by Borrels en Bites.

Cocktail Ecstacy


Aris Karatouliotis from TenClub developed a cocktail for the Louis Couperus event. Recipe will follow later.

The Healing Ryn

Jimmy Wong developed a cocktail for The Hague Cocktail week. The cocktail is a variation on a Penicillin cocktail with the oak Rynbende Vintage Genever supplemented with smoky mezcal, sour lemon, sweet honey and spicy ginger to create an impressively layered drink.

Rynbende La Mian cocktail advertentie

For Ever Cocktail

The Gyros Club developed cocktail for The Hague Cocktail week.

Caramel Espresso Martini

Mingle Mush developed cocktail for The Hague Cocktail week.

Mingle Mush Caramel Espresso Martini

Ryn's Smokey Serenade

Developed cocktail for the Blijmoedig on tour of Dutch Courage at Bar Break. Recipe will follow later.


Developed cocktail for the Blijmoedig on tour of Dutch Courage at Bar Break. Recipe will follow later.

Remaining Cocktails

That’s not all, a whole list of cocktails has been developed: Kromstraat, Devil’s Child, Hanzedrank, Sunshine at Dusk, Old Stewie, Pink Courage, Vintage Martinez, Rynbende Negroni, PurpleRyn, AppleTini and The Dutch Sailor. These will follow on the website in 2024.

Dutch Coffee & Glühwein

In addition to cocktails, Rynbende’s Vintage Genever can also be combined well with simple drink combinations. Consider, for example, Glühwein or coffee.


Rynbende Heit de Klok

“Rynbende Heit de Klok” foodpairings with our Jenever.

Rynbende Heit de Klok slogan

Jus & Kalfsmuis - van der Valk Hotel Schiedam Rooftop Restaurant 16th

The Jus of the dish in the photo and a dish with veal roast were enriched with Rynbende’s Vintage Genever. Are you curious what it tastes like? The veal dish is still on the menu and you can still try it!

Crème Brûlée

Rynbende’s Vintage Genever with crème brûlée during a Gin Night Out from Alles over gin.

Gin Night Out Creme Brulee

Kimchi Deviled Eggs

Stuffed eggs with a spicy Asian flavor; Kimchi. Click here for the recipe.

Spicy Mussels

Spanish mussels on crackers. Click here for the recipe.

Tuna Sushi Deluxe

French Soft Cheese

French soft cheese with chives and pomegranate. Recipe will follow later.

French Soft Cheese

Fish Packages

Fish packages for the barbecue. Click here for the recipe.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon, ideal as a starter or late lunch, with a drink. Click here for the recipe.

Cheese Pairing

Developed by Michael Wuehle. Multiple cheeses

  1. Délice d’Argental,
  2. Le Vignoble vineyard cheese 
  3. Kruimelige 3-4 jaar gerijpte Gouda
  4. Kristall-Bergkäse, Zwitserse harde kaas
  5. Comté
  6. Gwitterchäs

Stroopwafel, croquette and cheese sandwich

Rynbende’s Vintage Genever can also be combined well with simple things such as:

  1. Croquette
  2. Kroket
  3. Cheese Sandwich
Stroopwafel en Rynbende


Rynbende used to publish a monthly magazine. In the same trend, Rynbende now has a blog in which stories are written by the team itself or by guest writers. These stories will be about our 7 characteristics in addition to the drink and industry itself. The following has been written in the past year:
  1. The interwoven history of Gin and Jenever

  2. KLM houses and Rynbende Genever

  3. Whisky among Genevers

  4. Jenever and Dutch Seafaring

  5. Old-fashioned is new-fashined

  6. Perfect Serve

  7. The Rebirth of Genever

  8. What is Dutch Courage

  9. Collecting of Rynbende Articles

  10. Rynbende Heit de Klok

  11. Rynbende joyous monthly magazine

  12. Mural of Rynbende in Voorburg

  13. Biomimicry, Nature as Master

  14. Rynbende Resurrects

  15. Herring and Jenever

  16. Old or Young Jenever

KLM huisjes dorp met Rynbende's Vintage Genever in het midden


Drop or Dram

In the words of de mannen van smaak:

“You sometimes meet interesting people who want to share something with you. A beautiful story with a beautifull product: Rynbende Genever. A drink that was long thought to have disappeared but has seen new light. A Jenever yes, but it comes very close to whiskey that we had to share.”

Listen to the episode here.

The Elements Of Whisky

In the words The Elements of Whisky Team:

“In a world of flavors, rich and pure, We discover a treasure, a vintage adventure. The Elements of Whiskey, brings this forward, An ode to Rynbende, reborn here. Cheers to adventure”

Listen to the episode here.


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