Barbecue fish parcel with a glass of Rynbende

Barbecue fish parcel with a glass of Rynbende

Rynbende Vispakketjes recept

Foodpairing with Rynbende’s Vintage Genever

One of Rynbende Spirits seven characteristics is Culinary. For we believe that food and drink should be in harmony with each other. Food pairing with Rynbende’s Vintage Genever; The Mayor of Exploration, makes us happy. We love to share with our readers our suggestions for beautiful food and our genever combinations.

Enjoying summer

With summer approaching and good weather ahead, most people think of serving wine and beer with grilled dishes. But have you thought about genever as an alternative? No, not all evening,, but how about accompanying one delicious i dish with a shot of Vintage Genever?

We are all familiar with the chilled grain wine (korenwijn) or young jenever that goes with the ‘Dutch new herring’ we line up for at the fishmonger’s during the herring season. But how about gently grilled fish from the BBQ and a sip of our Vintage Genever? A match made in heaven!! The saltiness of the fish and the smokiness of the barbecue combine exquisitiely with the flavour of our liquor.

Food pairing

We have collected a number of inspiring recipes for cocktails and dishes using The Mayor of Exploration, click here.

We love to grill a fish and lemon parcel as an intermediate summer dish. This easy-to-make dish contains gently steamed fish, lemon, herb butter and spring onion. Serve the still-warm fish with a tulip glass (shot glass) of The Mayor of Exploration. And enjoy! Click here for ingredients and instructions to make this delicious barbecue fish parcel yourself.

Rynbende’s Vintage Genever

Our Vintage Genever is a tribute to Simon Rijnbende. Wood, smoke and seaweed notes take you back to fires on the beach and a fresh sea breeze on the deck of the ship on which Simon set off into the wide world. To find out more about our Vintage Genever click here.

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