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Verzamelen van Rynbende

Humans are collectors. We collect precious things as well as unique things. Objects with emotional value and objects with a story. Rynbende capitalised on this early on and released limited-edition, sometimes unique versions of its drinks.

Unique packaging
By releasing Rynbende drinks in separate packaging, Rynbende’s sales department in particular hoped that a particular product or product line would go over the counter faster. Bottles in various shapes in pottery or glass. Hand-blown liquor bottles in the shape of an animal, issued between 1934 and 1971. Beautifully designed bottles by artists and miniatures. All examples of the creativity at Rynbende to make the drink popular.

Later, people started saving and collecting these objects. And is to this day a trade in collecting Rynbende items on places like Catawiki, Marktplaats, Etsy, etc. All over the world, Rynbende KLM houses are collected and offered for sale.

Copier bottles
Popular among collectors are, for example, the bottles designed by A.D. Copier. The Copier bottles have a recognisable triangular shape and came on the market in various sizes. These bottles mainly contained Rynbende liqueurs.

Advertising material
Rynbende’s advertising material such as enamel signs, playing cards, ashtrays, light boxes, advertisements and glassware are also still collected. One major collector is Wouter Rynbende, distant relative of founder Simon Rynbende. He describes his collection of Rynbende items on his website.

Anyone wishing to have a look at a fine collection of Rynbende expressions themselves is welcome to visit the Jenever Museum, where you will soon come across various Rynbende packaging and advertising material.

Rynbende Vintage Genever
Rynbende is back on the market. After an absence of almost 40 years, we are back with a Vintage Genever called: The Mayor of Exploration. It is our ode to founder Simon Rynbende and tribute to manager Job Kramer Freher.


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