Distillery RYNBENDE est. 1793

Simon started his own distillery and later took over several other distilleries and malt wine factories. In 1834, the company was renamed Simon Rynbende & Sons. Father Simon and his sons Albertus Gerard (1804 – 1843) and Margarethus (1813 – 1885) were associates.

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The company acquired six different windmills and operated a small fleet of various ships. The three distilleries were expanded with the malt wine factory ‘the Bear’ and warehouses ‘the Pine’ and ‘Baltic’.

After Simon’s death, son Margarethus became managing director. It was a prosperous period for Simon Rynbende & Sons.

Simon Adrianus Maas (born 1841) was the son of Simon’s daughter Elisabeth and Mr Adrianus Maas. From 1880 onwards, he worked as manager with his uncle and took over the management after the death of Margarethus Rynbende in 1885.

At the end of the 19th century, the jenever industry declined somewhat and many Dutch distillers switched to using cheaper molasses alcohol as the basis for their jenever rather than the traditional malt wine. S.A.Maas (the new name of Simon Rynbende & Zonen) followed suit.

Maas died in 1898 and the company continued under the guardianship of Schiedam distiller P. Loopuyt.

In 1910, NV Distilleerderij (formerly Simon Rynbende & Zonen) was created. It was sold to the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Gist- en Spiritusfabriek (Royal Dutch yeast and spirits factory) in 1922.

From 1928 until the late 1960s (with the exception of the war years), Rynbende published its own magazine entitled ‘Rynbende’s Blijmoedig Maandblad’. This was unique within the Dutch liquor industry. Well-known guest writers such as A. den Doolaard, Jan Campert, H. Marsman, Stijn Streuvels, J. Slauerhoff and Herman Salomonson (under the pseudonym “Melis Stoke”) contributed to the magazine. Simon Carmiggelt was editor.

In 1986, the brand came into the hands of Bols. In its long existence, Rynbende has marketed genevers, liqueurs, gin, brandy, cognac and rum. Bols marketed a few more bottles under the “Rynbende” label, but eventually stopped. In 1998, the the Dutch liquor chain Mitra re-launched the brand, in a dozen different flavours. However, after a few years, this company also discontinued it.

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The history of Rynbende Spirits goes back more than two centuries, rooted in Schiedam, the world capital of Jenever and Gin.

Simon Rynbende

The founder, businessman, mayor of Schiedam.

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Family man and manager of Rynbende.

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