Dutch Courage Cocktailbar and Rynbende Spirits join forces

Putting Jenever back on the cocktail menu

Dutch Courage bar

Tomorrow evening (Thursday 22 June 2023) will see the launch of the first national exchange event of bartenders from Holland’s high-end cocktail bars. Under the name ‘Blijmoedig on Tour’, the bartending team of a leading cocktail bar will take over Dutch Courage’s bar for an evening. A week later, Dutch Courage’s team will take over the other bar for an evening. They will focus on a combination of cocktails using Rynbende Spirits genever and poetry. Tomorrow, the team from The Stockroom in Groningen will take over the bar.

At the beginning of the last century, many classic cocktails were made with genever. With the rise of genever, disappeared from the cocktail menu. The Dutch Courage Cocktailbar  and Rynbende Spirits intend to change this and put the spirit back on the menu.

During the American golden age of cocktails (1850 – 1920), genever was one of the staple cocktail ingredients. “25% of all classic cocktails were made with genever“, says Timo Janse.

Timo is co-owner of Dutch Courage, Flying Dutchmen Cocktails, organiser of Amsterdam Cocktail Week and Perfect Serve Bar show. He came up with the unique idea of setting up an exchange programme with other high-end cocktail bars in the NetherlandsThe crew of each bar takes over Dutch Courage for an eveningThen Timo’s team takes over the other cocktail bar for an evening. The condition is that genever cocktails take centre stage during both evenings.

A revival of a part of Rynbende’s history adds an extra dimension to the events. Between 1928 and the late 1960s, Rynbende published a monthly magazine called ‘Rynbende Blijmoedig Maandblad’. This contained stories and poetry about genever, written by well-known writers such as Simon Carmiggelt, A. den Doolard, Herman de Man, Marsman, etc. For its time, the monthly magazine was an innovative and progressive approach to market the product in an indirect way. The exchange evenings will feature readings from the magazine.

Rynbende is the ideal partner to bring genever to the attention of both the professional and the consumer. Rynbende genever is the foundation for delicious and special cocktails as well as a reason to dress up the evening with a combination of light literature and entertaining poetry. A combination that is sure to pleasantly surprise Rynbende’s specially invited guests.

After an absence of almost 40 years, Rynbende’s  Vintage Genever – The Mayor of Exploration – is back. Rynbende was founded in 1793 by Simon Rynbende and is one of the Netherlands’ oldest genever brands.

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