Mural of Rynbende in Voorburg

Rynbende 1930s wall advertisement

Muurschildering Rynbende

In May 1999, builders discovered a painting on the outside wall of Hotel Centraal at Vlietweg 130 in the municipality of Leidschendam. Following a leak in the wall and during repairs to the façade, this wall advertisement emerged.

Wall advertising

The mural was aRynbende advert, dating from the 1930s. It was probably part of a nationwide campaign. tThe brand name Rynbende, the products (old genever and liqueurs) and the slogan ‘Rynbende heit de klok’ (5p.m., time for a Rynbende drink) had been painted on the façade in striking colours. At the time, wall advertising was a common medium for reaching consumers.


Following this discovery the Haags Industrieel Erfgoed foundation – SHIE -decided to have it restored. The aim was to preserve the origeneveral painting and improve its ‘readability’, without losing the unique character of the advertisement.

The restoration was financed by contributions from the Mitra company and the municipality of Leidschendam. Mitra was the brand owner at the time and sold its house genever under the name Rynbende.

On Friday 1 September 1999 at 5 p.m. sharp – ‘time for Rynbende’ – the restored wall was festively unveiled in front of local residents, plus representatives from the municipality, Mitra and the press.
Nine years later, the weather, wind and sun had taken its toll on the painting. This prompted a second small-scale restoration in April 2009.

About Rynbende

Rynbende’s 1930s image is one of the few remaining painted wall advertisements of a nationally known brand in the Netherlands. It is still clearly visible along the Randstadrail track at the Leidschendam-Voorburg stop.
After an absence of almost 40 years, Rynbende has relaunched onto the market with its Vintage Genever – The Mayor of Exploration. Rynbende was founded in 1793 by Simon Rynbende and is one of the Netherlands’ oldest genever brands. For more info on Rynbende, click here.

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