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The comeback-kid genever makes Furore with Rynbende

Rynbende Fles op bar tube plaatsen

By Timo Janse

There once was….

Genever. Genever with a big letter G. Genever is one of the earliest forms of spirits ever produced, and soon it had a worldwide fan base.

In the first cocktail book ever produced, it was genever that was used in a quarter of all cocktails. Of only four spirits used, genever was certainly one of the most important, much more so than, say, rum. Moreover, no one outside the producing countries had heard of vodka, let alone made cocktails with it.

Many of the most important cocktails still known today became so famous because they were made with genever. Still today, the production quality and flavour diversity within the genever category is unmatched.


Foto Timo Janse
Timo Janse
KLM huisjes
KLM houses

Once upon a time there was…

Rynbende. A house of great significance in the world of genever, producer of many of the genevers that enchanted the world and made “Holland Gin” a household name in quality. From the first real Dutch KLM houses of porcelain filled with genever, to cultural heritage in the form of the “Blijmoedig Magazine” (‘Joyous Magazine’), which supported writers.

Once upon a time there was…

The Holland House Hotel in New York. At the end of the 19th century, people of standing gathered here, often of Dutch descent. Is it any wonder that the signature cocktail of this prestigious hotel was made with genever? Certainly not!

Unfortunately, due to blind commerce and cheap imitations – especially gin – Genever temporarily disappeared from the limelight.

Holland House Hotel
Holland House Hotel in New York
Rynbe vintage genever plus koker op bar

But now!

Rynbende is back! With a Vintage Genever that is, a combination of excellent malt wine, and special botanicals. A Genever that is not only fantastic pure, but also in all classic Genever cocktails, and of course in new creations.

But now!

Genever is back! Both nationally and internationally, there is a demand for an authentic history, a product with real inherent value and craft. Bartenders and consumers everywhere are picking up the old cocktail books and discovering Genever. But many of the true producers and brands no longer exist, and not all products are still qualitatively able to restore these cocktails to their former glory. Until now.

Dutch Courage bar
Dutch Courage Cocktailbar

Back again with Blijmoedig On Tour!

In collaboration with Dutch Courage Cocktail bar, a bar on Amsterdam’s historic Zeedijk, where precisely many of the botanical herbs and Genever were traded in centuries past, Blijmoedig has made a warm return. Now not as a magazine, but as an exchange.

An exchange between Dutch Courage Cocktail bar and another cocktail bar in the Netherlands. Never has the cocktail been so alive in the country, with great bars in many cities throughout the country. It’s time to give these bars more national attention, just as Genever deserves more attention.

Not just a tasty drink.

But a Blijmoedig on Tour event is not just an occasion for a tasty cocktail made by a professional. It is a true happening, which also fills the mental stomach on a cultural level. From readings to musical performances, a Blijmoedig on Tour event is not one you easily forget. And the common thread remains the Holland House cocktail, reinstated based on this vintage Genever.

Rynbende Holland House cocktail
Rynbende Holland house cocktail
Blijmoedig on Tour bij The Stockroom
The Stockroom bar
Simon Mulder Poezie voordracht
Simon Mulder

The Far North upside down

For the first Blijmoedig on Tour, the choice fell on the impressive Stockroom. A bar that for many years has waved the flag and scepter for good drinks for fine people in the North. Blijmoedig was a success, both at the reception and the return! The Groningers appreciated the good Genever in all its variations, and at the reception in Amsterdam top creations were made based on many homemade liqueurs and special flavours with a historical basis. A perfect link to the Genever in question. Simon Mulder of Feest der Poëzie (‘Festival of Poetry’) livened up the evening with beautiful readings with an alcohol-driven slant that went down extremely well.


On the second exchange, it was Zwolle’s turn. The impressive Dublin House houses The Peacock bar, a beautiful establishment where one can only gain access with a code. This code for the evening was “1012”, Dutch Courage’s zip code. A great fun detail! Both Bas Marée of Theatre Restaurant Café Mascini and Diede H. De Jong of Amsterdams Allooi provided musical entertainment in Amsterdam, and Simon of Feest der Poëzie in Zwolle, and to great acclaim.

At both events it was so busy that the auxiliaries had to get extra Genever. An excellent sign and a nice compliment from the many visitors!

The Peacock bar
Salvo Calvo & Rick de Groot van Bar Break

No Break with Bar Break!

No rest for the wicked! For the next Blijmoedig on Tour we will collaborate with yet another very special place, this time in Rotterdam, with Bar Break.

A bar owned by none other than Rick de Groot & Salvo Calvo, true legends in the Dutch bar scene. Blijmoedig On Tour will be their first event! This bar opened only recently, and on November 20 the gentlemen will take over Dutch Courage with their, as they say themselves, old-fashioned cozy combination of good service and relaxed, tasty drinks.

And of course, there will also be the return at Rotterdam, and on November 30.

You have been warned!

On November 20, starting at 8 p.m., the Zeedijk will again be enlivened by talks, music, great Genever and strong tales. You have been warned, until then.

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