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Privacy Statement

Rynbende Spirits is responsible for processing confidential data, including your personal data. This data should be handled carefully and confidentially. This in your interest, but also in ours.

In this privacy statement we explain which data are processed, why, who provides the data and for how long these data are stored. We attach great importance to the careful processing of your personal data.

Rynbende Spirits applies the corresponding provisions prescribed in the General Data Retention Regulation (AVG). Should you have any questions about this, we would be happy to help. You can reach us at

The purpose of the personal data is to enable us to fulfil a registration, order, invoice or shipment of the goods or services you have purchased. In doing so, we use your personal data to communicate with you in the best possible way. The communication may be about the:

• Products
• Invoicing
• Completion of account registration
• Delivery of products
• Provision of information
•Registration for events

The communication takes place via a newsletter, personal mail or by telephone. The newsletter and account registration require prior consent. This consent can be unilaterally withdrawn at any time.

How do we obtain your data?

We obtain data through the use of our products, services and contact moments you have had with us. Think of sources such as, contact forms, newsletter registration or receiving an e- mail.

What data do we store?

When using or purchasing our services/products, we deal with your personal data. These personal data are provided to us by yourself. Examples of personal data you provide to us:

• Gender
• First and last name
• Date of birth
• Address details
• Telephone number
• E-mail address
• Bank account number

In addition to personal data, we also deal with your digital and technical print. These data are created by your online visit on the webpage of Rynebende Spirits. In doing so, we receive information about your activities on our website, information about browsing behaviour, IP address and location data. The IP address is anonymised.

Storage of personal data

The responsibility for the safe storage of your data lies with Rynbende Spirits. We store your data relating to the Rynbende Spirits webshop via our partner Bottle Business. We have entered into a processing agreement with this data storage partner, as a result of which we can guarantee that your personal data is safely stored. Your personal data will not be stored longer than necessary or required by law.

Inspection, modification or removal of personal data from our database

It is possible at all times to inspect, modify or permanently remove your personal data from our database. To do so, please submit a written request to us at Rynbende Spirits will ensure that this is processed in a careful manner.

Sharing of personal data

By third parties we mean our programme suppliers and business partners. To the extent necessary, a processing agreement, commissioned by you or a legal obligation, is drawn up. We have concluded a processing agreement with our suppliers and business partners. Under no circumstances will personal data be provided to parties with whom no processing agreement has been concluded. The responsibility remains with Rynbende Spirits at all times.


By suppliers using personal data we mean programmes provided by these suppliers. We have entered into a processing agreement with these suppliers. These suppliers are:

• Google Analytics for the analysis and processing of browsing data and standard permitted cookies to improve the use and operation of our website.
• Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for interacting with you and the target audience.
• MailBlue for mailing a newsletter. This can be a personalised or standardised mailing.
• Bottle Business for processing webshop orders.

Business partners

By business partners we mean bodies that support us in activities. Think of marketing agencies, accountants and administration offices. These organisations may use personal data for the execution of an agreement as mentioned above.


To keep you informed of product or service changes, offers of products or services or other content-related information, we use a newsletter. The newsletter is sent to all e-mail addresses of users who have given permission to be contacted for promotional purposes and/or necessary information related to you as a customer.

The mailing programme MailBlue is used to send the newsletter. A processing agreement has been concluded with this party. It is at all times possible to change your preferences or unsubscribe from the mailing. Your mail address is permanently removed from the mailing list via a secure web environment of MailBlue.

We, Rynbende Spirits, remain at all times responsible for careful and confidential handling of your personal data.

Cookies use

In order to inform you as well as monitor the performance of the website, we use cookies. The law allows us to place these necessary cookies in your browser.

Deleting cookies

There are two ways to counteract cookies. You can set your browser to stop storing cookies or delete your cookies in your browser. Turning off or deleting cookies may prevent you from using all the functionalities of our website. This may affect user convenience.

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