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Classic cocktails with genever are back

Blijmoedig on Tour bij The Stockroom

Late last month saw the launch of ‘Blijmoedig on Tour’ the first national exchange event of bartenders from Holland’s better cocktail bars. These evenings will feature cocktails with Rynbende Vintage Genever and readings by poet/artist Simon Mulder.

Classic cocktails

In the early 20th century, classic cocktails in the united states of America were made with one of four ‘base spirits’; whisky, vodka, rum or genever (jenever). At some point, genever was hard to come by and was replaced by gin, which unfortunately made genever disappear from the cocktail menu. Dutch Courage Cocktailbar and Rynbende Spirits want to change this and get the drink back on the menu.

Holland House cocktail

A ‘Blijmoedig on Tour’ evening has a number of set components. Read blog article ‘Dutch Courage Cocktailbar and Rynbende Spirits join hands’ for more on this. A standard Rynbende cocktail on the menu is the Holland House cocktail. This classic genever cocktail is also a nice reference to the ‘KLM houses’ whose origins are at Rynbende. See blog article ‘KLM houses and Rynbende genever’ for more on this.

Where does the name Holland House cocktail come from? As with most cocktails, there are various ideas and claims about its origins, but the earliest source seems to be George J. Kappeler, who worked at the Holland House Hotel in New York. This was the house cocktail at Holland House. Harry Craddock worked there and later published a book ‘The Savoy Cocktail Book’ in 1930 where the cocktail was first described.

You can find the recipe for the Holland House cocktail with Rynbende Vintage Genever here. Where you can also find other Blijmoedig on Tour cocktail recipes.


Why the name Blijmoedig? Rynbende is a historic genever brand and used to publish a monthly magazine called Rynbende Blijmoedig Maandblad. Which indirectly advertised genever and the Rynbende brand. For more information on the monthly magazine, click here. So with Blijmoedig on Tour, a nice reference to this former initiative. In addition to the cocktails that will be made that evening only with our Vintage Genever, poet Simon Mulder will be present to provide the evening with his recitation and poetry around genever. For more information about Simon, click here

Rynbende’s Vintage Genever
The Mayor of Exploration, is made from malt wine aged for three years in American oak casks, smoky malt whisky and 25 years of vodka aged in European oak casks that has been distilled according to Schiedam’s 1902 tradition, among other things, making for an exceptionally pure drink. Want to know more? Click here.

1793 Rynbende blijmoedig maandblad

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