The Rebirth of Genever

Vintage Genever "The Mayor of Exploration", developed by Rynbende Spirits

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In the world of spirits, there is a genre that is often overlooked, yet has a rich history and taste: genever. This Dutch classic is the ancestor of gin and older than, say, whiskey, as it was already used as a medicinal drink in the Middle Ages. It has a unique charm and complexity that deserves to be in the spotlight. We at Rynbende Spirits have revived this forgotten gem with our first vintage gin, “The Mayor of Exploration.” Let’s look at how we in collaboration with our innovative master distiller reinvented Genever.

Enjoying a masterful genever experience with friends

The rise and fall of Genever

Genever, also known as jenever, is a traditional Dutch spirit dating back to the Middle Ages. Originally conceived as a medicinal drink with juniper berries and other herbs, genever quickly grew into a popular spirit in the Netherlands and abroad. In the 17th century, Dutch settlers brought it to other parts of the world, where it formed the basis for modern gin.

However, over the years, genever fell into the shadow of gin and another globally popular spirit: whiskey. Gin experienced a worldwide rise and became the center of cocktail culture, while genever was often considered old-fashioned.

Whisky became such a popular drink because of several factors. First, it has a rich history and tradition, dating back hundreds of years. In addition, the production process, in which grains are distilled and aged in oak barrels, plays a role in creating the unique taste and aromas that attract people.

Moreover, whiskey has a diverse flavor profile, from mild and sweet to smoky and powerful, making it a beverage that appeals to a wide audience. The fact that whisky is produced in different countries, such as Scotland, Ireland, the United States and Canada, has also contributed to its global popularity.

The sadly demolished distillery of Rynbende

In addition, the cultural influence of whiskey, such as its inclusion in movies, literature, and popular culture, has also helped it achieve iconic status and become a sought-after beverage for many people around the world.

But as with many traditional crafts and flavors, there has been a renewed interest in genever in recent years.

Rynbende Spirits: A revival of tradition

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We at Rynbende Spirits, with our artisan distillery and a passion for preserving traditional flavors and methods with a modern twist and high quality, have put genever at the center of our attention. We have reinvented genever with our first vintage creation, “The Mayor of Exploration”. What makes “The Mayor of Exploration” so different? It all starts with respecting the rich history of genever. We meticulously studied Rynbende’s ancient recipes and distillation methods to create a genever that is true to tradition, but also refreshingly new.

The Art of Unorthodox ingredients and distillation

The secret behind the extraordinarily rich flavor of “The Mayor of Exploration” is the addition of unorthodox ingredients and distillation. Rynbende Spirits still uses copper stills and a very high malt wine content, to create the base of our unique genever. This malt wine is distilled along with juniper berries, some additional (aged) products and a carefully selected blend of 8 spices from an old Rynbende recipe to achieve a rich, complex, and balanced flavor with “peaty character. What really sets this genever apart is the aging of some of the ingredients used which makes the taste different from all other genevers. This gives the spirit a hint of peat smoke, the spicy character of juniper, the scent of cinnamon, camphor and the sweet smell of flowers and Citrus. Many drinkers will still recognize this as the smell of a genever. But then comes the surprise. The deep, rich, intensely aromatic fresh slightly warm sweet taste of wood notes with peppermint flavor, slightly bitter minty, with a slight hint of lemon and cloves makes tasters wonder. What is this with that intensely long finish?

The Mayor of Exploration inschenken

It’s a genever but without the often-sharp edges of most other genevers, and the taste makes crossovers to whiskey and gin. Without exception, drinkers say the smooth texture caresses the senses.

The Future of Genever

With “The Mayor of Exploration”, Rynbende Spirits has brought genever back to the forefront of the spirits world. We have not only honored tradition, but also set a new standard for what genever can be. This is just the beginning of a new chapter for this age-old spirit. The rebirth of genever is in full swing, and we have paved the way for other distilleries to embrace and innovate this ancient craft with our first vintage genever. So, if you’re looking for a drink with a rich history and an exciting future, look no further than “The Mayor of Exploration” from Rynbende Spirits. Genever is back, and it’s better than ever before. Cheers to the rebirth of a legendary spirit!

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