Limited experimental edition

Job Kramer Freher, who worked at Rynbende from 1911 to 1963 of which from 1940 to 1963 as manager, left his notebooks full of old Dutch recipes from Rynbende Distilled as an inheritance to his grandchild. As a valuable treasure of recipes, the notes have long been kept secretly, stored in an old attic.

This treasure has already been rediscovered and has been the inspiration for the Rynbende Vintage Gin, with which we take a look from the distant past. Distilled in the heart of Schiedam. Made with exotic ingredients that in the past had to brave the seven seas, crafted into a contemporary product. The result is a traditional nautical gin, with a modern twist.

Rynbende Gin Koningsdag Cocktail op een tafel met ernaast tulpen in een vaas. Op de achtergrond zien we schiedam vanaf de hoogte

Taste Profile

Rynbende’s Vintage Gin has a warm, spicy taste of herbs and spices and a slightly sweet, but salty aftertaste. A taste that takes you back to the days of shipping. Perfect for drinking on the deck of a sailing ship with a view of the horizon or during a walk on the coast with your feet immersed in the sea water. But also a perfect drink to enjoy at home and experience a nautical atmosphere.

Vintage Gin Green Cocktail

Limited Experimental Edition

Exclusive edition of only 140 bottles, join us on this journey of taste evolution!

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