Whisky among genevers

Vintage Genever for the whisky lover

Whisky met daarin vallend ijs

What do you buy for someone who already has everything and is a real whisky drinker? Do you go to the off-licence and stand in front of the shelf of whiskies looking for that one bottle the person doesn’t have yet? Or do you broaden his/her horizons and take a look at Genever!

Difference between the two drinks

Both genever and whisky are made from malt wine. In genever a mixture of mostly juniper berries is added to the malt wine. In whisky the malt wine is aged for at least three years in oak barrels. There is also a distinction between malt whisky (based only on barley malt), grain whisky (which also contains other or unmalted grains) and blended whisky (a mixture of different malt or grain whiskies)

Success of whisky and the reputation of genever

Premium genevers are not inferior to a fine whisky. We promote attention and appreciation for the qualitative characteristics of the various genevers. Part of the success of whisky lies in the emphasis placed on its distinctive characteristics such as peat smoke strengths, spring water, sherry casks, sea aromas, moorland and beautiful stories about old casks of liquor that, after decades of maturing in forgotten cellars of abandoned distilleries, still find a destination in an exclusive whisky blend. These background tales awaken something in people, spark interest and an urge to taste.

Genever deserves the same admiration. Why is genever seen as a drink for old men? And should genever shrug off its stuffy reputation, which is often rooted in being based on an “ancient, strictly secret family recipe”?

Rynbende’s Vintage Genever

We do things differently. The Mayor of Exploration is Rynbende’s vintage genever. It is made from malt wine that has been aged for three years in American oak barrels, smoky malt whisky and 25 year-old of vodka aged in European oak barrels.It is distilled according to Schiedam tradition dating from 1902 and results in an exceptionally pure drink.

The Mayor of Exploration also contains eight authentic Rynbende botanicals. These complement the warm wood tones with mint, clove and a light hint of lemon, combined with a subtle but pleasant sweetness.

In our opinion, The Mayor of Exploration is a real whisky among genevers. We suggest you drink it the same way and at the same occasions. Our vintage genever is a welcome gift for any true whisky lover. For sales, click here.

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