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Rynbende represents ‘time travel’. Take a sip of old genever, close your eyes and taste the past. Images of three centuries of Dutch trading tradition pass by. Sailing the turbulent oceans, meeting other cultures. Putting Schiedam on the world map by making a mark on Dutch craftmanship. We are writing history.

But we are also travelling forward in time by sharing our vision of a liveable world.

Rynbende flessen inpakken

Adventure and history

A sigh of adventure rises from the glass and mingles with the aromas. For a moment, you imagine yourself following in the footsteps of the Rijnbende family and joining the future vision of Sjaak Pappe and Erik Post – who are relaunching the brand under the name Rynbende Spirits.

Simon Rijnbende, founder of the Rynbende distillery, was a sailor, world traveller, entrepreneur, administrator, cantonal judge, commander and even mayor of Schiedam.

Rynbende was a genever distillery in Schiedam and was founded in 1793 by Simon Rijnbende. It existed until 1970 and has a very rich history, known among other things for its quality, marketing (initiator of the “KLM houses”) and cooperation with renowned artists. In 1834, the distillery name changed to Simon Rijnbende and Sons.


Distiller Drawing

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The history of Rynbende Spirits goes back more than two centuries, rooted in Schiedam, the world capital of Jenever and Gin.

Simon Rynbende

The founder, businessman, mayor of Schiedam.

Old distillery

Rynbende & Sons,
Founded in 1793.

Grandpa Job

Family man and business manager of Rynbende.

Rynbende Spirits

Reintroduction of Rynbende with an old genever.

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