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Simon Rijnbende was born on 28 March 1777 in the genever town of Schiedam. His mother Antje Wuyster even owned a distillery on Lange Haven. Simon was son of the captain of the ship “De Oranje Zaal”, Jan Rijnbende. In 1786 he accompanied his father on several adventurous sea voyages even fighting pirates in the Indian Archipelago.

Simon Rynbende Schilderij
Simon Rijnbende painted by Cornelis Cels, 1838 (collection Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, photographer Tom Haartsen)

In 1793, after his career as a sailor – and probably inspired by the emerging trade in the malt wine industry – Simon decided go into business as a distiller and began to produce spirits.

During his lifetime Simon took on a series of different roles besides those of distiller and successful merchant.He was also a member of the municipal council, member of the Provincial States, Cantonal Judge and chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. At the age of 67, he was even appointed mayor of Schiedam. Simon died in 1853.

Distiller Drawing

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The history of Rynbende Spirits goes back more than two centuries, rooted in Schiedam, the world capital of Genever and Gin.

Old distillery

Rynbende & Zonen, founded in 1793.

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Family man and manager of Rynbende.

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Relaunch of Rynbende with an old genever.

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