Sjaak Pappe inherited the original recipes of Rynbende spirits that his grandfather Job Kramer Freher had developed during his time as distillery manager. With these unique recipes in their pockets, Sjaak and friend Erik Post decided to revive Rynbende.

Foto van de oprichters van Rynbende 2022
Rynbende Spirits founders: Sjaak Pappe en Erik Post

In 2020, Sjaak and Erik were able to(re)buy the brand. In doing so, they decided that Rynbende should return as Rynbende Spirits , producing only exclusive high-end drinks. They would at only be available via a few selected outlets – and initially online, B2B, through companies and via Rynbende’s own community.

The Rynbende community

Become a member of the Rynbende community and meet like-minded connoisseurs at our exclusive events. Here you can enjoy a delicious meal, good Rynbende cocktails, fine art and inspiring speakers. The phrase ‘Food for thought’ in English means ‘something worth thinking about seriously’. This is the underlying message at every Rynbende event

Rynbende Spirits

Rynbende Spirits kicks off its relaunch with the Vintage Genever ‘The Mayor of Exploration’ which contains eight authentic botanicals and aged gin. The ‘new’ Rynbende has seven characteristics, inspired by character traits of Simon Rijnbende. The drinks, community and activities will each revolve around these characteristics.



Simon Rynbende was a true leader throughout his life.


Spirits of the seven seas

Nautical influences from Simon Rynbende’s sea voyages.


Nature inspired innovation

Solutions based on nature.



Food and drink in harmony with each other. Top quality.



Past, present and future.



Different cultures side-by-side and together.


Majestic art

Majestic art

Sjaak Pappe – grandson of Job Kramer Freher

As a schoolchild, Sjaak Pappe spent his school holidays working in his grandfather’s factory. He has fond memories of Rynbende and can still recall the aroma of the genever. Grandpa Job dreamt of starting his own distillery, but the dream never came to fruition. His loyalty, networking skills and perseverance are Sjaak’s inspiration to realise his grandfather’s dream – as a tribute to him and other family members who worked at Rynbende – and in honour of Simon Rynbende’s leadership.

Erik Post – family friend

Erik, entrepreneur at heart and Sjaak’s friend, decided to help realise Sjaak’s dream as his business partner and investor. In daily life, Erik is director/owner of two plastics mould factories, an avid motocross endurance rider/enthusiast and motocross team sponsor. When asked why he decided to embark on the Rynbende adventure, his answer was short and sweet. His goal is to leave the Rynbende brand as a legacy for future generations.

Drawing cocktail

More about rynbende

The history of Rynbende Spirits goes back more than two centuries and is rooted in Schiedam, the world capital of Jenever and Gin.


Simon Rynbende

The founder, businessman, mayor of Schiedam.

Old distillery

Rynbende & Sons
Founded in 1793.

Grandpa Job

Family man and Rynbende business manager.

Welcome to Rynbende Spirits

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