JOB KRAMER FREHER (worked at Rynbende 1911 - 1963)

Job Kramer Freher worked at Rynbende all his life, rising to the position of managing director. He successfully led the brand through hard work and considerable sacrifice. After World War II, Job’s goal was to rebuild Rynbende and take care of his family. Throughout this time his dream was to start his own distillery. After his retirement, the Rynbende brand went into decline, much to Job’s chagrin.

Foto Job Kramer Freher

Jacob (Job) Cornelis Kramer Freher (born 1898) was almost 13 when he joined the Rynbende company in 1911. He started as a jack-of-all-trades and was later allowed to tap and bottle. He worked his way up as a cutter and later as a spirit-maker and driver.

In 1933, he gained the position of master servant and rose to become manager of Rynbende in 1940. He retained this position until his retirement in 1963. Under his leadership, Rynbende came through the Second World War and enjoyed renewed success during the reconstruction and the decades that followed.

Job was not the only one of his family to work at Rynbende. His second cousin Louis Meulstee (liqueur distiller) and his brother-in-law Piet van der Wel (driver), among others, worked under his leadership. More about them and other family members later.

Job Kramer Freher wrote down the recipes of the Rynbende drinks in several notebooks. These notebooks came into his family’s possession after his death. Grandson Sjaak Pappe eventually inherited them and decided to reintroduce the brand as Rynbende Spirits.

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The history of Rynbende Spirits goes back more than two centuries, rooted in Schiedam, the world capital of Jenever and Gin.

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