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Rynbende and advertising

Rynbende reclame

To bring and keep its products under the spotlight, Rynbende was very active in marketing. In 1929, the successful advertising campaign was launched with the slogan ‘Rynbende heit de klok’. Which equated the five o’clock clock with the signal to drink Rynbende genever.

Advertising campaign
The slogan was created by the then advertising agency Ervaco from The Hague. And was used consistently over a long period of time in advertisements, advertising paintings, labels, enamel billboards and various advertising materials such as Rynbende ashtrays and playing cards. When television and advertising entered the picture tube, the slogan was even used to alert viewers that five o’clock in the afternoon is drink time with a glass of Rynbende genever.

Daily ritual
Claiming a daily ritual at a fixed time was a stroke of genius by Ervaco, because every day is five o’clock at some point. Whereby the end of the working day, time to relax for a while, heralded a very positive moment in the day and was linked to the Rynbende brand.

Rynbende TV commercial
From the archive of the Jenever Museum, we received a copy of an old advertising film from curator Henk Hettinga. The television commercial is from the fifties, late forties. Again, the slogan ‘Rynbende heit de klok’ was used and visualised. The video was made by Joop Geesink Studios, the creator of Loekie de Leeuw in the STER commercials, among others.

Rynbende Spirits
Meanwhile, Rynbende is back on the scene and we carry seven characteristics with the Vintage Genever The Mayor of Exploration. One is ‘Time’, or time to enjoy, time for each other, time for a glass of Rynbende. Read more about Rynbende Spirits.

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