Old or young genever

The difference between old and young genever

Genever inschenken in tulp glazen

Rynbende Spirits’ Vintage Genever falls is classified as old genever.

But if you think that Old Genever has been aged in the cask longer than Young Genever, then you are wrong! So, you ask; “What is the real difference between Young and Old Genever?”

A number of developments occurred in the last century that influenced the production of genever. Around 1900, the art of column distillation made its appearance. Using this new process, alcohol could be distilled to a percentage as high as 96%.

Young Genever

During World War II, grain was scarce. As a result, the traditionally distilled malt wine was replaced by grain alcohol or molasses alcohol. By using less malt wine, but experimenting more with spices, a new genever recipe was created. This new method was known as the young recipe genever distilling and thus the name ‘young genever’ was born. The popularity of this new recipe increased enormously during the war.

So the difference between young and old genever has nothing to do with the number of years a genever has been in the cask. In fact, old genever does not even have to have been in barrel. You can even find young aged genevers at the liquor store.

Old Genever

According to ‘older’ recipes, genever is made with a higher percentage of malt wine than young genever. So it’s all about the malt wine! Due to the higher malt wine percentage, old genever has a fuller and grain-like flavour. A young genever is sleek, fresh and spicy due to the neutral alcohol.

Old jenever has more than 15% maltwine and contains at least 35% alcohol. Young genever has up to 15% malt wine and also contains at least 35% alcohol.

Malt wine itself is traditionally made in a copper kettle from distilled grain porridge – which gives genevers that unmistakable grain flavour.

Rynbende Vintage Genever

The Mayor of Exploration is an aged genever and includes a 3-year malt wine aged in American oak casks. It also contains seven authentic Rynbende botanicals, herbs that were used in the genever of Rynbende & Sons.

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